My finds at the charity shops

My finds at the charity shop

Always been a bargain hunter and like old better than new and what treasures  you can find if you look. Think my thing for charity shops started when my girls was little. I couldn’t resist to pop in see what I could find some bargain maybe clothes for me or a trinket or two. This carried on when I worked voluntary for banardos. So I got to see all the items coming in to the shop. I went on to get a real job in a shop and I remember needing smart clothes and at first not having the money for them you quest it charity shop. When my girls grew older they wouldn’t be seen dead in one don’t think they mind now to much. Things change and vintage is very in these days.

Charity shop help the aged

my Daughter needed money to buy a car and we came up with selling second hand bags. We ask relatives first my mum gave us lots we did really well with them sprucing them up and reselling it was fun we had a stall on a car boot sale. Designer ones we sold on eBay and we found lots in charity shops. That’s why I started making bagcharms way back then. Some of the beads was taken from old vintage necklaces. Then went on to make it a business and started buying new beads.

I think at first it was getting a bargain when I didn’t have much money but now it’s different . I think you can find some great piece’s that are different and unique that someone else didn’t want but perfect for you. Even though I’m 60 years old I still like to follow fashion can’t wear the mini skirts any more  haha not got the legs ! I like to watch the you tubers keep me up to date with what’s in. I know it’s hard to keep up with fashion and pay the prices so great to check out the charity shops for a bargain. Sometimes you find new things as well as second hand. ALso your giving to a great cause.

Me in a lovely m&s spotty jumper with lace collar from the charity shop

Not just clothes lots of trinkets and toys to. Often take grandson in and he comes out with a car or some other toy and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Children’s toys are so exspensive these days. We live in a material world they want everything they see.

One of my recent finds matching my living room

I love a trinket or two even vintage furniture that can be decorated how you like .painting, decoparging, or just leaving as it is. I picked up  a lovely dark wood dining set table and chairs and then found some place mats to match love them. Also decoparged a set of three coffee tables for my newly decorated living room. Picked up some lovely vases and jugs to match just love matching everything you can read about my diy in my other blogs.

My dining table and chairs and mats

so pop in to your local charity shop see what you can find 😊

thanks for reading Julie

Be visiting a few carboots over summer see what treasures I can find.