What July means to me

July is a special month

July is my birthday month I love having my birthday in summer when the sun shines . This year it’s a special one I was 60 years old . Not too sure about the number haven’t acheaved every thing I would like to have done. But as I can’t retire till I’m 66 time yet. To celebrate my birthday we went to London to visit the queen ! Well I say that ! I glanced up at the window of the palace sure I got a wave 👋 It was a wet day ☂️But we made the most of it going on the London eye and visiting harrods.

July is also my wedding anniversary been married to my hubby for 42 years. We have three grown up girls and two grandsons. My grandson Joe is only two nearly three and I look after him a few days a week. Grandchildren are special. He is very much a part of our life these days you will often see his pictures on my Facebook and Instagram. 💙

July living in Britain doesn’t always mean the sun will shine but you can guarantee getting some sunshine. Love taking pictures and this time of year is the best time !  Blue skies flowers in full bloom love flowers. Apples  growing on the tree. Birds singing. All sounds wonderful to me ! Happy days. The other day was a beautiful day went on the park with the monkey it was a lovely stress free day ! Sun was shining had a little picnic tuna sandwiches and a lemon mouse,and a drink of watered down vimto from home.what more could you want. Doesn’t sound exciting I know but it was a bit of me time. Very quiet a lovely place for fairys.