Time out is a good thing

Time out is a good thing

Keeping things on track to the point of not being able to get my head round anything. Came to a head last week so time for a break ! Not a good time as I have so much to do . Sewing needles down then,but to be honest my motivation had gone out the window . I love crafting but normally find it difficult to put my work down, can even sew at night if I want to get something done .

So what’s happened to me!! I have been preoccupied with my grandson Joe, love him so much he’s special and grandchildren like my children have always come first in my life. Been ill and really haven’t had any time for me, so decided to take a total break from my business. Have been a bit parttime as late . Sometimes you need time to think and reflect.

We decided to go to our favourite place Chester for a few days, and have a bit of retale therapy. Time for swimming .shopping and just being lazy.

Looking forward to Mother’s Day,With my lovely girls. would like to wish all you mums a special Mother’s Day relax take it easy 😊💕

thanks for reading more tales soon and lots of monkeys I hope x


Taking a little time out

welcome to my blog taking a little time out

I make sock monkeys in my craft room in the smallest room in my house .   Been very busy and found my self sewing late at night and when I can. I love making them but never have a break . Also look after my grandson Joe a couple of days a week he’s very special . I am also an Avon representative just gives me a little commission love Avon.

The monkeys have taken over my world love creating but don’t always have time to make things I would like . This can be a problem when you do everything your self . I decided after being ill that things had to slow down a little to many late night sewing wasn’t doing me any good .If you have your own business you have to work hard at it I know ! But it isn’t worth killing your self for life’s to short . So I have started to step back and take a look if there’s a better way to do things get more organised and have a little me time .

This means I can’t take any more orders and even thought let’s take time out ! Perhaps a year but it wouldn’t be time out because I would still be making can’t help my self. Also you risk losing your customers your fans your friends ? But less pressure and less stress . Sometimes I want to go in a bubble and no one can get in only me .

I think it’s very important not to lose your sanity but sometimes people exspect to much . I haven’t always made monkeys I have painted made my own cards and also made bagcharms and bits of jewellery For quite a few years . So I am fully pledged in. The handmade business it can be up and down and you don’t make a lot of money so why do it ! The satisfaction of it being something you create your self and sell is a wonderful feeling fact that people love what you do.

I miss out on lots but my lovely hubby pays the house bills . Very lucky that he has a good job . Also I wouldn’t be able to look after my grandson if I had A normal job. The question came up the other day getting older I suppose there comes a time when you have to think I won’t be here forever !  So many things To do and enjoy in life .

So this is where I am doing things in normal hours so can have me time and not lose the plot . Sorry if your waiting I do appreciate your custom and still may take the time out ! Not decided yet . I have started to make just for my shop rather than making lots of orders gives me more freedom  to make what I want to do !  My prices have gone up to a little because  if I don’t start making money I cant really call it a business and may as well give up anyway . All my monkeys are unique and made with love and made very well by me .


Thankyou for reading Julie x