Time to reflect Get organised

Here we are New Year

Happy New Year πŸŽ‰

First day to a new year time to get organised ?

Tax return done βœ”οΈ Must remember to do this before the Christmas rush ? Something to write in the diary , oh yah need a Diary

Calendars up βœ”οΈand have to be starting taking pictures for 2018 Exciting . Wrote all the birthdays on and will try and remember them . Also have to remind my self of any events ?

New ideas βœ”οΈ Things I would like to do and can’t find time . Meaning less time on social media and more time thinking and doing . Love showing my monkeys and can’t resist showing something new ! Ideas for colouring book and cards .

Sock monkeysβœ”οΈ Sewing my monkeys can take forever must think of a quicker way to make them . They are my own style and all a bit different .Double sew on machine and the hand stitching is also double .felt is cut out by hand so be looking for easier and quicker way to do this .

More me time βœ”οΈThink this is important don’t spend enough time on my self it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what you do ! Go out more , read more books have a pile not read , do something with my hair , get a bit fitter , all the normal stuff because this year is my 60th Birthday πŸŽ‚

Thankyou for reading my blog please leave a comment love to know your plans for the new year 😊



Packing and Posting

Busy packing and posting

Always busy at this time I try and keep the postage cost as low as possible lots of sock monkeys to make and post .

I buy cardboard boxes and lovely purple tissue paper to put inside and all wrapped in a cellophane with lilac butterfly pattern . I think it’s important the wrapping . Each monkey has its own tag as well as a sewn in tag if CE tested .

I take a long time making so why not wrap them nicely .


My small baby monkeys are also in a small box


So cute !!

All my monkeys have a name tag can be a name for monkey or the name of person it’s going to πŸ’•


Tissue paper and cellophane wrap


All wrapped up


New cellophane and tissue for christmas. Dotty cellophane and red tissue love Christmas πŸŽ„


Christmas monkeys wrapped


Also now adding a little Thankyou card with a bow to add that personal touch all tags made by me

Thankyou tags

new gift bags with my home made stickers for those who collect / can put one in order if giving as a gift 😊

please take a look at my other blogs thank you

julie πŸ’œ

Blackpool rock

Processed with MOLDIV

Two years ago on the 12 th September we visited Blackpool I had just finished a rainbow monkey I made a set of them and went on to make many more ! I decided that this was the start of me making them to sell as part of my business all though I had made a few as hobby and sold an odd few . I had fell in love with my rainbow monkeys love colour . I decided I would keep one and just finished in time for a trip to Blackpool with two of my daughters and hubby it was a lovely day my youngest daughter was exspecting at the time but we managed to stay and watch the fire work display . Took lots of fab pictures of my monkey calling him rock after the Blackpool rock and also to be my rock and inspiration .

Picture taken at the timeΒ image

This year he will be two and I am still making my monkeys and I still have Rock. To celebrate we went back to Blackpool it was sunny but a cold wind. My daughter has now had my little grandson Joe and he loves my monkeys. We had a lovely day made a lovely change. I am glad I kept my monkey they have changed a bit but he’s still my favourite.


Rock and Blackpool tower


Rock with the rock

Joe with his grandad and rock
Joe with his grandad and rock

Lots of fun when it’s rocks birthday we will be having a party 🎈🎈🎈🎈