Neglecting the monkeys handmade business

Yes its true monkeys have been Negleted

I love the sock monkeys I make and enjoyed making them!

They take me so long to make but I like them to be perfect and the hours I put in don’t match the money I earn making them.

The price of my handmade monkeys is never calculated  on time spent or how much thought went into them  it’s what value people think they should be or what I would like to pay my self.

I love a challenge and the artist in me just wants to create a unique piece that I enjoy doing not having to rush.  As rushing these days isn’t working.

maybe I just want it to go back to a hobby not a business ?  I have worked so hard that I’m not ready give up yet !

So im taking my time with my monkeys and thinking of other ways to make a living. Still with monkeys in mind.

so I’m not neglecting them just doing something different may take a while to get it right so wish me luck.

gave my monkeys a cuddle today 🐵❤️

Me and the monkey

Thanks for reading more blogs soon !

Julie 😊


Spring cleaning the craft room handmade business

Spring cleaning

yes it’s that time again ! Out with the old in with the new type thing and what a mess I have made. When did I get so much stuff anyone would think I was buying for a craft shop in fact its not a bad idea ! Then I will have some room to work. I would love a shop dreaming again.

Already spent a couple of days tidying so not looking too bad my craft room

Started off just packing away all my beads I no longer used from my bag charm designing days. Not sure when I last made any maybe a few years so why keep them? I think because it took me so long to collect them all every colour, shape,pearls,glass,plastic you name it I had it! Just didn’t want to give them up. They did great when I first started sold hundreds but it didn’t last very sad think I cried. So it’s taken me this long to except the fact I won’t be making anymore.

Big box of beads, charms,findings packed away

So more space needed for my little monkey making business. I have the smallest room in the house and with everything in it you can’t swing a cat Never mind a monkey. My peddle on the sewing machine kept getting lost in all the mess under the desk. I know I am very lucky to have a craft room lots of people don’t have the luxury. But I have found it difficult to get organised when I’m falling over everything.

shelves on top of desk
More storage idea putting shelves on top of desk not taking up space on floor

I must admit I’m not a tidy crafter so need room so today I thought let’s throw things out have room to sew my monkeys. But on looking things needed to be moved in better places so I can move from one to another on my chair and keep the flow. I have ikea desks that fit along two walls but the plug sockets are only at one end makes it difficult need extentions.

Printer on top of my sock draws

Best thing I evet bought was my WiFi printer as the lap top doesn’t need to be connected press print and your away. Only thing I will say wasting paper is a big thing for me or it takes to many sheets in at a time. End up with bins full of paper and card left over bits I can’t use. I do recycle the paper so thank goodness for recycle bins or any bins for that matter because I have a lots of rubbish.

The carpet I have down isn’t ideal all the cotton sticks to it so would love to change it for something cleanable perhaps cushion floor. But I need to find it first haha no it’s not that bad ! I have to get down on my hands and knees and find all the beads that got away when packing ! With monkeys it’s pins and needles that go a stray.

Little basket stop them pins going a stray

Turning out to be a bigger job than I thought this spring clean. So far I have wiped the desks moved some shelves filled two bin bags and a paper bag thrown lots of stuff out and still not finished. Have a big basket full of craft things need sorting, another box with craft fair things even though I move some in the loft. Box of felt, props for photos baskets and things. I have a set of draws full of socks, ribbon and other stuff, big box full of paint and brushes as I also paint pictures, printing set,canvases and frames. PHew lot to get through !

Nice clear space for wrapping

When I’m wrapping have no space to move it’s so frustrating I make a space then fill it up again. Do get my boxes flat pack but you do have to put them boxes that I think I can use but take up space along with tissue paper,cellophane etc. I like to put my monkeys I sell in a bag or box  think it adds a nice touch and makes a lovely gift.

My old laptop keeps going 😊

So wish me luck still not finished and may still move things round a bit when I start  working.

thanks for reading Julie sunnyteddy Designs



Matching the Decoration

Matching the decoration

I love colour but love matching

You get all the painting and wallpapering done and can’t wait to do the assesories and matching up of the new decoration ! That’s the best bit.

When I did my diy in my house went searching for things to match. Blue and white items that would fit in with my theme not knowing what I would find. I was on a budget so where  could I find things ? I love old things so perhaps antique shops  but found these a little pricey so next best place was the charity shops. Took me a while but on a visit to Windermere found some lovely jugs and had to buy them perfect.

Matching living room

This was the start Had a couple of items glass candle sticks and lamp just had to get white candles and a new shade for the lamp.

Blue and white cushion covers from IKEA bringing a different blue into the mix . Navy curtains with stars matching the wall paper . Also found other jugs and vases and  had my great idea to do my doodle pictures and decoupage some small tables spoke about these in preveous blogs.

As I make sock monkeys  I add to make a blue and white monkey to match my doodle picture still have a fascination for the blue and white theme. Great idea for a bedroom did a little collage of ideas with my monkey.  I came up with this idea when taking photos hope to do a blog  on how I take photos and the apps I use to make my pictures.

My collage or idea board for blue and white theme for bedrooms

hope to do more matching so keep watching

Thanks for  reading Julie