Matching the Decoration

Matching the decoration

I love colour but love matching

You get all the painting and wallpapering done and can’t wait to do the assesories and matching up of the new decoration ! That’s the best bit.

When I did my diy in my house went searching for things to match. Blue and white items that would fit in with my theme not knowing what I would find. I was on a budget so where  could I find things ? I love old things so perhaps antique shops  but found these a little pricey so next best place was the charity shops. Took me a while but on a visit to Windermere found some lovely jugs and had to buy them perfect.

Matching living room

This was the start Had a couple of items glass candle sticks and lamp just had to get white candles and a new shade for the lamp.

Blue and white cushion covers from IKEA bringing a different blue into the mix . Navy curtains with stars matching the wall paper . Also found other jugs and vases and  had my great idea to do my doodle pictures and decoupage some small tables spoke about these in preveous blogs.

As I make sock monkeys  I add to make a blue and white monkey to match my doodle picture still have a fascination for the blue and white theme. Great idea for a bedroom did a little collage of ideas with my monkey.  I came up with this idea when taking photos hope to do a blog  on how I take photos and the apps I use to make my pictures.

My collage or idea board for blue and white theme for bedrooms

hope to do more matching so keep watching

Thanks for  reading Julie

Getting ready for Christmas

Yes! Christmas 🎄

Soon comes round and here it is looming again ! I am looking forward this year our grandson joes three now and knows all about Christmas so very excited. Even organised with some pressies normally a last minuet person.  Go me !

Every year I make Christmas Sockmonkeys but mainly to order this years different. I will be making some small ones just to sell already bought the socks. Going to be cute starting them this week hopefully. So watch my Facebook page for them. Only doing a few !

Gingernut from last year

So much to do ! Tidying the craft room to make space for production it’s only small so can’t swing a cat never mind a monkey. Funny when I first decorated and made it mine I thought how much room I had, But I soon filled it with crafty things now I can’t move. So today’s action was getting organised.


I would like some space under the table when sewing would be nice. Filled with boxes for posting, display stuff etc … So may have to go in the loft when the Christmas tree comes out. I haven’t done any craft fairs for a long time. But you never know so I will keep hold of them for a bit longer just in case.

One of my craft fairs

Have thousands of beads so a big task of sorting through them as I now make monkeys. I still have my eBay so be selling them and lots of other things I have, some new. That’s a job in its self but has got to go ! Out with the old in with the new. Some of my socks will be going to ones I can’t use. I will share on Facebook if interested.


so hopefully be lots of room for my handmade monkeys. I am working out a better way to take pictures. I normally use my iPad because it’s Easy !  I do have a good camera and be taking some christmas pics. Also not decided what pictures I am useing for my calendar this year need to get that done so lots to do! Before Christmas let’s hope I get it done. I will be doing a blog about taking pictures so please keep watching .

Pictures making up my calendar for 2017

thankyou for reading Julie

forgot to say I will be having a Christmas giveaway this year so  anyone registering will get this information when it happens .




A breath of fresh air

we don’t seem to have many days of sunshine this year in the uk but we try and make the most of it ! I suppose that’s why most of us go abroard to get the sunshine ☀️

Me and my hubby had a lovely walk, well you could say climb up rivington. What beauty we have on our door step. Fresh air, sunshine what a lovely day it was! Hard going the further we climbed the steps to the top but worth the effort and want to do more. We made it to the top and celebrated with a lovely picnic. We saw other people walking with there dogs some hiking rucksacks and boots on. I can see why may be a bit out of breath but what satisfaction making it to the top.

Steps to the top just some of them !

View from the top breath taking

Sunny days Been taking a little time out ! Took my sock monkey to the park . We had a lovely day our local park is gorgeous. I take my grandson on the park all the time he loves the slide and swings,roundabout. But this day was me time! Oh yes and chance take pictures of my monkey and as there was no one on the park did some videoing. I wrote about this in a previous blog what July means to me . You can find the videos on my Instagram and Twitter as well.

Monkey picture it was a gorgeous day

we often visit another park in the next town Pennington park I took lots of lovely pictures of my monkeys Here last year. There’s a band stand and lots of flowers very pretty. Lovely children’s park and aerobic section. Also have a little tea room cafe. Lovely on a sunny day. Here’s  couple of pictures.

Look at that sky

Pictures I took was the best !  flowers in full bloom used this one for my 2017 calendar.

I am hoping there’s still going to be a few more days to take some good pictures for this years calendar . Maybe another trip up them steps only take the monkeys this time thanks for reading.