Time out is a good thing

Time out is a good thing

Keeping things on track to the point of not being able to get my head round anything. Came to a head last week so time for a break ! Not a good time as I have so much to do . Sewing needles down then,but to be honest my motivation had gone out the window . I love crafting but normally find it difficult to put my work down, can even sew at night if I want to get something done .

So what’s happened to me!! I have been preoccupied with my grandson Joe, love him so much he’s special and grandchildren like my children have always come first in my life. Been ill and really haven’t had any time for me, so decided to take a total break from my business. Have been a bit parttime as late . Sometimes you need time to think and reflect.

We decided to go to our favourite place Chester for a few days, and have a bit of retale therapy. Time for swimming .shopping and just being lazy.

Looking forward to Mother’s Day,With my lovely girls. would like to wish all you mums a special Mother’s Day relax take it easy ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

thanks for reading more tales soon and lots of monkeys I hope x


Exciting ideas for the new year

Remember I told you about my colouring book idea !

I love to draw and been planning it for a while . I am not an illustrater but have always been good at art .Love to doodle and can draw if I put my mind to it. The more I think about it could write a children’s book my monkeys have all taken on there own characters ย and are different . Perhaps I can bring my grandson Joe into the story you never know .


I wouldn’t have thought this possible but this is a way of exspanding my business . Don’t know if anyone would be interested but love to give it a go ย  ย  I go to bed and my head is filled with ideas ! So much so I can’t sleep but need to think and have time and don’t seem to have a lot of that at the moment. Perhaps in the new year when things are quieter ?

Been a lot more relaxed this year I am normally on panic mode at this point at Christmas .But I get more done and better if done at my own pace Other wise I am not happy with my work . Who are my monkeys well at the moment very much part of my life I eat ,sleep and dream monkeys it’s not good I can’t switch off .

I am getting my monkey orders done ! When all done and sent out I can think about Christmas festivities . All the family are round my house this year so looking forward to that ๐ŸŽ„


Hope to have a few more blog tales to tell and more monkey adventures soon thanks for reading .