Taking a little time out

welcome to my blog taking a little time out

I make sock monkeys in my craft room in the smallest room in my house .   Been very busy and found my self sewing late at night and when I can. I love making them but never have a break . Also look after my grandson Joe a couple of days a week he’s very special . I am also an Avon representative just gives me a little commission love Avon.

The monkeys have taken over my world love creating but don’t always have time to make things I would like . This can be a problem when you do everything your self . I decided after being ill that things had to slow down a little to many late night sewing wasn’t doing me any good .If you have your own business you have to work hard at it I know ! But it isn’t worth killing your self for life’s to short . So I have started to step back and take a look if there’s a better way to do things get more organised and have a little me time .

This means I can’t take any more orders and even thought let’s take time out ! Perhaps a year but it wouldn’t be time out because I would still be making can’t help my self. Also you risk losing your customers your fans your friends ? But less pressure and less stress . Sometimes I want to go in a bubble and no one can get in only me .

I think it’s very important not to lose your sanity but sometimes people exspect to much . I haven’t always made monkeys I have painted made my own cards and also made bagcharms and bits of jewellery For quite a few years . So I am fully pledged in. The handmade business it can be up and down and you don’t make a lot of money so why do it ! The satisfaction of it being something you create your self and sell is a wonderful feeling fact that people love what you do.

I miss out on lots but my lovely hubby pays the house bills . Very lucky that he has a good job . Also I wouldn’t be able to look after my grandson if I had A normal job. The question came up the other day getting older I suppose there comes a time when you have to think I won’t be here forever !  So many things To do and enjoy in life .

So this is where I am doing things in normal hours so can have me time and not lose the plot . Sorry if your waiting I do appreciate your custom and still may take the time out ! Not decided yet . I have started to make just for my shop rather than making lots of orders gives me more freedom  to make what I want to do !  My prices have gone up to a little because  if I don’t start making money I cant really call it a business and may as well give up anyway . All my monkeys are unique and made with love and made very well by me .


Thankyou for reading Julie x


Time to reflect Get organised

Here we are New Year

Happy New Year 🎉

First day to a new year time to get organised ?

Tax return done ✔️ Must remember to do this before the Christmas rush ? Something to write in the diary , oh yah need a Diary

Calendars up ✔️and have to be starting taking pictures for 2018 Exciting . Wrote all the birthdays on and will try and remember them . Also have to remind my self of any events ?

New ideas ✔️ Things I would like to do and can’t find time . Meaning less time on social media and more time thinking and doing . Love showing my monkeys and can’t resist showing something new ! Ideas for colouring book and cards .

Sock monkeys✔️ Sewing my monkeys can take forever must think of a quicker way to make them . They are my own style and all a bit different .Double sew on machine and the hand stitching is also double .felt is cut out by hand so be looking for easier and quicker way to do this .

More me time ✔️Think this is important don’t spend enough time on my self it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what you do ! Go out more , read more books have a pile not read , do something with my hair , get a bit fitter , all the normal stuff because this year is my 60th Birthday 🎂

Thankyou for reading my blog please leave a comment love to know your plans for the new year 😊



Packing and Posting

Busy packing and posting

Always busy at this time I try and keep the postage cost as low as possible lots of sock monkeys to make and post .

I buy cardboard boxes and lovely purple tissue paper to put inside and all wrapped in a cellophane with lilac butterfly pattern . I think it’s important the wrapping . Each monkey has its own tag as well as a sewn in tag if CE tested .

I take a long time making so why not wrap them nicely .


My small baby monkeys are also in a small box


So cute !!

All my monkeys have a name tag can be a name for monkey or the name of person it’s going to 💕


Tissue paper and cellophane wrap


All wrapped up


New cellophane and tissue for christmas. Dotty cellophane and red tissue love Christmas 🎄


Christmas monkeys wrapped


Also now adding a little Thankyou card with a bow to add that personal touch all tags made by me

Thankyou tags

new gift bags with my home made stickers for those who collect / can put one in order if giving as a gift 😊

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julie 💜