Where and how to sell- handmade business

Selling handmade

When  I first started selling handmade.


I started selling my handmade on eBay my first item was a bag charm at the time. Sold secondhand ladies bags revamped ! As I was crafty decided to make bagcharms for them. Opened a shop it went really well at first but the fees for eBay and PayPal on top wasnt giving me a huge profit. But it is a good selling place. I know if I want anything always look on eBay.

Top handmade sites.

FoLksy and etsy….

Then I moved on to  Folksy a uk handmade site charge a small fee for listing and then take commission when sold. Etsy is the same based in the US. When searching for these Etsy always comes up tops big handmade site. So up to you what you choose. If you have lots of stock perhaps both ?  I will list below some others to check out. Anything you put on these you will need PayPal account for payments. I find you also need to share your items on social media  get people browsing your shop.

Social media


these are the main ones ! I have quite a big following on Facebook  Love my business page. You do need to keep putting pictures on  Invite  people to like follow your page keep it interesting. Facebook are very keen to promote for a charge now that can vary so if you want to boost your posts you can. Join groups like other pages.Facebook is a great platform but changes all the time.  Just love instagram you can have a business page or keep it personal open or private. You see all pictures from those you follow and leave a love or like they do the same if they follow back you can leave comments and I have lots of friends who craft from all over. Hash tags are great for reaching your Neesh. Twitter never really got my head round it ! You need to be constant  I find things get seen better if put on direct rather than sharing and hash tags are also important.  Pinterest is  a build up of boards of your favourite things pictures that you pin in your page. I find it’s better to share from my website if it’s a blog or share from instragram spread the word. I pin from Pinterest a lot of the time.Like dolls, teddies,monkeys have lots of different boards including a folksy shop board. This lets me help others to share there work and mine. This is my board for my Sock monkeys  but check out my others


Owning your own website

I have been lucky enough to have two but only one now. Well three if you count the small one I had  at first made for me can’t remember how that came about. I loved my first one my own little website called Sunnyteddys bagcharms. You need a ULR that you can buy sometimes get free your name of your website,  host to look after technical side if anything goes wrong. I was in contact with the maker in case I wasn’t  sure of something. I only started to have problems when I wanted to up grade and had to have a new website made costing a lot. Lost all my email contacts  and just totally went wrong so in the end gave it up.

Websites are a lot more modern now and up to date this one I have just for blogs at moment I did my self it is made with WordPress.org. Free site but have to pay for hosting. You’ve need to know more visit this lovely lady lot of free advice but she can set a WordPress website up for you for a  fee Alison wood  her group on Facebook Market your business with joy  she’s been a great help to me. Here’s her latest YouTube video about making a website.

Hope this helped but will be doing more blogs on this subject keep watching

Julie Sunnyteddys

List of handmade market places

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