Outing with the Sock Monkeys

Out and about with the sock monkeys

Every day is an adventure for my monkeys.

I love to take pictures of them ! I think I should have been a photographer.  We went out on bank holiday for a walk it was a lovely day but quite cold . Sun was shining ( rivington ) Think its good to go walking blow the cobwebs away . Monkeys had a great time climbing trees and so did we . Lots of people was out walking there dogs and wondered what we was up to .

 Good start to the new year and starting new pictures for next years calendar . I do have a good camera but these was taken with my iPad beleave it or not . You get a better picture in natural light . The pictures I take at home inside are now taken more professional as do them on a white back ground and lamp shining on them to get a better picture . Love to buy some better equipment but this dose fine for now !

Happy days took some great pics in summer gorgeous day in the park (penington) it was a beautiful day ! Sun was shining not many people about ideal for a photo shoot with the monkey . Took a few fab pictures a few of these went in my 2017 calendar. So be out again this year for the new calendar pictures for 2018 .


All my monkeys have taken on there own characters and love them all ❤ hope to make a couple more to add to my family .

You can find my monkey pictures on any of my social media sites so pop along to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and see what the monkeys get up to .

Thankyou 😊