Monday rainy day

Rainy Days and Mondays get me down

Started off ok except for a visit to the Dentist. The weather was bad out side just hope I didn’t get my hair wet after spending time straightening  it was getting very long.and needed cutting. Thought I was going to be late as stopped chatting with micks sister but you can’t be rude. I knew what the dentist was going to say just hoped he would do it now ! Tooth needs coming out Julie very forward useing my first name like we was best friends. Every time I go to the Dentist they have changed I tell a lie managed to see the last lady dentist twice. I don’t think the dentist is any ones favourite the receptionists very nice chatty but she’s the only familiar face. She must hate her job but she’s good let’s hope she’s sticking around.

Dentist doodle

Weather was still bad but thought I better call on my Dad on the way home gave him a quick text (Are you in Dad) no answer so thought I would call any way. He was in and we chatted about the dentist and things he normally looks like he wants to go to sleep think he likes to take a nap in the afternoon well at 85 so he should.  Time was getting on and my stomach was rumbling as I hadn’t eaten so thought I better head home this was 2pm and no sewing done.

I had called at the shops before dads to buy something for tea we are trying to eat healthier but only managed get a few items. Never carry that much money in my purse. Needed Some potatoes lady was very nice said to take them and give me the money when I was passing.  I couldn’t do that I would probably forget and then feel guilty. Called at the bank and got some money and went back.

Also called at the hairdressers thought I would kill two birds with one stone having my hair cut. But hairdressers don’t work on Mondays so wasn’t any one available just give me a dry cut. My hairs down to my waist and as I’m going away in a few weeks it’s time for a cut before we go. The beautician was in and if I had stood there any longer deciding what day and time come back she’d have cut it her self. But I really need to get some work done left without making a decision.

Well I  made it home felt worn out and hungry so I made a couple of potatoe cakes that I didn’t enjoy. My tooth still hurt me didn’t get anything done. And the weather was still mizz. To top it all have to go back Wednesday and do it all again when the nice dentist takes my tooth out arhhhhhhhhh.

hope you enjoyed my little story

happy Monday Julie

Rainy day