Lazy days and sundays

Lazy days

Hello you ever need a lazy day to think reflect have fun or just sit on the sofa with your pjs on. Today was that day ! Yes I did wash and clean my teeth made the bed like I do every day. Our grandson joe who’s three stayed on Saturday night. So as you can imagin we didn’t get a lot of sleep Love him so much he’s special. So today we sat on the sofa hooray.

Watching telly , watching you tube, looking on Facebook. Doing some picture changing on my web site, genrally not doing much. I did manage to make a reflecter out of cardboard ready for Monday  to take photos. I take far to much room up to take photos so my first job tomorrow is changing things round making some space.

Normally if I’m sitting here I manage to do some sewing. But when I decorated now have all the lamps at the other side of the room . I do have a little clip on light but not really a good enough light. The main light when on is like being on a sun bed it’s that bright. So no sewing today!

Got my favourite pjs on beauty and the beast ones from Avon. Just love the new film. Avon do some lovely pjs have collected a few. Always buy some at Christmas nice having new ones Christmas Eve. Making me think about Christmas now warm mince pies and cream yummy. Christmas tree will be going up soon not sure traditional is going to match may have to get new decorations in white this year. I wrote about my diy projects in previous blogs.

Hubbies an angel he went out and bought a meal deal from Tesco for £10 what a bargain included a bottle of wine. Potato dauphinois, Chicken  Cabernet Sauvignon wine,followed by cheese cake yummy. Made my day! Done in 25 mins. Lovely couple of glasses of wine made a change happy days. So still sat here and wrote my lazy day story down.


thanks for reading