Yes I make Sock monkeys handmade Business

Yes I make sock monkeys

just in case you have no idea what they are as often people don’t ?

They are monkeys made out of socks not teddies monkeys they take me a while to make because I don’t want them to fall apart and I like them to look right ! This can be a problem if I don’t like what I make I have to redo my mistake. I never started out to be a monkey maker it just happened one day the first time I had a go to make one just for fun many years ago.  I first saw a sock monkey on Facebook  and thought I must have one of them love them. I did buy one but thought I had to make one can’t be that hard me being a crafty person. So. Found some socks I didn’t wear and set to having a go hand sewing to get an idea I looked on you tube and found a great tutorial on how to make a sock monkey. My first sock monkey was born then I was itching to make more it was fun. I didn’t make them to sell till a lot later was busy with my little bag charm business but kept showing odd ones on my Facebook page and people liked them. I found my self making more monkeys and less charms felt it was more me ! Loved making the charms but they was getting more complicated I was designing some lovely work but people didn’t want to pay high prices for something you hang on your bag. I had rented a office lovely space to do my work and it felt like a real job going to work every day was the best feeling being my own boss doing what I loved making things something I had always wanted To do.

These are some of my recent baby monkeys

Through no fault of my own I had to give up my space and move back home so decorated one of my bedrooms and made it my craft room. I started making more sock monkeys and did craft fairs people loved them. This will be my fourth year  making them but things have slowed down a lot now ! I was never been with out  orders but found the demand to much as I have got older but still making them Just at my own pace.  I have learned a lot about having my own business  not just my self taut making monkeys but everything  that goes with it !  I don’t think people understand  the hard work that goes  in to hand made the hours  staying up late so you didn’t let people down and then they let you down. Searching for supply’s for that special pair of socks someone had to have for there monkey. Pricing because you don’t want to charge to much but they just took two days to make and still haven’t done the tags. Taking photos getting the right shots so you can show your monkey fans. Hoping someone will buy but not when you haven’t any stock and lots of commissions. That all sounds strange but there’s only you can make them how you want them.

People start to think there’s something wrong with you hiding away in the house, Never going out except to the post office. Only having the monkeys to talk to it can send you mad. I don’t  just make monkeys  as you know if you have read my blogs. But just wish people will read this  and realise I don’t just make monkeys  and work hard at what I do. Please keep reading if you’re interested in knowing more about handmade Business it may help you if your planning to have one of your own .

thanks for reading julie

17th Oct

I wanted to add something to this it’s sad to say but last few months I have hardly made any monkeys as other things have occupied my time. So monkeys have been put to one side but not for gotten. I have started selling second hand and vintage soft toys and plan to include my monkeys along side. Just means I can still make a living and still carry on with what I love doing . Still be lots of monkey adventures and fun so keep watching thank you .


Taking photos Handmade Business

Taking photos of my sock monkeys

my craft room is very small  so not a lot of space to take pictures but I do my best. We often go out to take pictures in the park or country side.

1/ natural light is the best most of the best pictures are taken outside. Too much sunlight can also spoil a photo. Just get the right light and you get perfect pictures.

This one out side taken with a camera perfect

The sun was over to the right of this picture

This was taken with the sun behind the camera

this is just a little light with the sun behind the camera but they say the light needs to be behind not in front. I think you have to find the right position but out side is the best.

Faceing the sun as it went down great picture

Taken on the same day this lovely picture facing the sun as it went down showing the reflection in the water. These was taken on a sunny chilly day in January 2018.

love taking pictures in summer some of my best ones are when the sun shines on a lovely blue sky day.

Shaded area

This was a shaded area with the sun just peeping through but lovely picture

Taken from a distance with the blue sky

love this picture taken further away catching the blue sky and park more of a landscape picture. These photos where taken with my iPad showing that you don’t need an exspensive camera to take great pictures.

With a beautiful yellow flower

pop of colour made this picture. Used a lot of these pictures for my calendars.

2/ pictures taken inside.  They say the best back ground for taking pictures inside is white so it makes the item stand out. I use some big pieces of card for my back ground. Also the right light is important. Natural light again good idea to set up near a window but you will find again the weather predicts the picture too sunny no good too dull no good. So you need other light ! As my room is small I just use my main light and a tall bendable lamp but you can buy professional lights and reflectors. But if just starting out and you have a nice light space you don’t need exspensive lighting.

Camera set up for action

getting it just right takes time. Handy to have a tripod when taking pictures this one is a fold away one so it’s great. If useing my iPad I just hold it but you can sometimes get blurry pictures. But sometimes for quickness it’s  easier to use the iPad or your phone if you want a fast picture for your social media pages

This was the result with camera very bright still getting a few shadows but a clear picture.





Taken with ipad

This one taken with my iPad still a good picture but not as sharp and more shadow.





Normal light

Picture taken with natural light from window.

with iPad





3/ Some photos look good with coloured back grounds or matching. Deco or just a pop of colour play around see what looks best. You can also edit your pictures  make them lighter darker or crop give them frames. Make collages with them some great apps.

My collage or idea board for blue and white theme bedroom

Going back when I made handmade bag charms I sometimes would draw a background you can do this with smaller items and just adds something to a picture .

Like this one with a flower drawn picture in back ground


Purple back ground makes the colours pop

This one breaks all the rules but I LIke how it turned out again taken with iPad.

4/ what ever you choose to take your pictures if it’s your phone or your camera you find your own style it’s a lot easier now to take photos. What’s the difference between  iPad ,phone,camera. Cameras better for zooming in for taking from a distance and sharper. IPad,phone is more convenient And handy for editing but you need to get right up to object for closeup but they do take great pictures. Yes you can buy better phones and cameras for more exspert  pictures but if your on a budget you use what you have.

my Camera

this camera was originally my hubbys he take better photos than me LUMIX 21x.

I hoped this was helpful I’m not  an expert at photography but learned a few things over the years of taking pictures from taking my bagcharms to now my sock monkeys. List of apps I use below.

Thankyou for reading julie

MOLDIV is my favourite app , spark post app, drawing desk app  for iPad Apple.

Start of a new year

New year is here 🎉

Will this year be any different than last who knows Time will tell. We wish that all the dreams hopes for everyone will come true and maybe they will or maybe they won’t..Time to blow the cobwebs away and have a fresh start!

January my calendar

I am taking each day at as it comes. starting with getting organised that’s a start for me ! I always start with good intentions but I’m going to stick with it if it kills me and it probably will. Why do women have so much to do  that gets in the way of what we really want to do .


Now after Christmas the tree needs pulling down and packing away for another Year. Before I can get back to sewing have a list of things that need doing . Paper work finished today tick one tree down tick Calendar up tick with all birthdays entered washing drying tick cleaning the list goes on ! But  I am getting things done.

Paper work

So many projects in the fire as they say ! What to do first and still do everything else. How do others do it ! How will I feel,will I have energy to do the work ? I bought a diary I am going to fill the days in when I  do other things and see what days,hours I have left. When I was younger had a full time job and had three children. I would have said that women can multi task but not sure now. Things change but you should never give up just do things different.

One day step at a time

Back to it then just planning one day or step at a time so here’s to 2018 🥂

Thanks for reading Julie 😊🎉