Monkeys Shareing the craft room with new friends handmade business

Monkeys sharing the craft room with new friends


New friends

As I mentioned before I haven’t been making as many monkeys. My craft room has been filling with lots of weird and wonderful things. Funny it started off as just vintage and my own things but I am finding my self drawn towards the teddies and dolls to sell. Some have been in bad condition and I’m bringing them back to life to play another day. I wrote a blog about my love of dolls but always collected teddies for a long time but have been in the wardrobe for years . My sock monkeys have pride of place in the bedroom and craft room as they are special.

My monkeys

But my teddies have hardly been played with except my grandson taking them out to look at  them they are like new. I gave a lot away a few years ago to the charity shop and just kept my favourite ones.  I thought perhaps I can sell them not all at once perhaps one at a time. I found a very large golden teddy st Michael marks and spencer teddy bear really chunky not much space for him so thought he could go first.

My golden teddy

sold him quite quick to a lovely lady who also collects teddies and she was very happy ! She said he just fit on the shelf  with her other teddy friends. So he went to a good home and is now on display as  he should be. I am not sure I’m ready to sell the rest but rescuing them and making like new sounds more appealing.

Bringing me great joy collecting things like mr men and Care Bears and found some lovely teddy figures. So my little craft room is filling up.

Mr tickle

Who remembers trolls well times gone on since my day ! They have been reinvented a few times but brought back memories of one I had when I was younger.

Troll with pink hair

I think my craft room is filling with lots of lovely toys.and things.  So who knows what I will find  or what I will keep.

Monkey among the mess

new friends

New friends

Had to buy more shelf area to put them all . But being packed away as new ones come in ready To go to new homes. Would also like to renovate a dolls house but that’s another story.

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September here already Handmade business

september here already

Monkey calendar 2018 month september

Looking back over August ! September is looking even better just need to get organised ? May be putting far to many eggs in one basket who knows.

September have lots to do now I have astablished what it is I’m doing . Need a list keep me on track exciting.

Going to be busy ! nothing new then it’s not the work it’s the keeping up have really got behind with the monkey making even to the point of saying that’s it not making them any more😢. But without trying I still get orders.Just made this little one Dotty so cute.

Dotty baby sock monkey

So sock monkeys are still in my life and now it’s september christmas is round the corner busy time for me.

Plans to put in place pictures to organise for next years calendar lots of monkeys to make things to do. Hoping to fit this in with my new venture and being an Avon rep.

I have already took a few good pictures for the calendar but not decided the months they will go in yet all has to be done this month. Here’s a picture I took at the beginning of the year 💕

Family perfect picture

Took this picture why out on a walk in January perfect .

My new venture is doing really well quite enjoy the challenge of searching out items to sell. Christmas is around the corner so hope to have toys to sell along with my handmade monkeys. This as I have found is more difficult than it sounds because we are talking vintage or second hand and they need to be perfect. I take a lot of care over the monkeys I make so won’t sell any thing different in quality that gos for anything really.

found this Micky love him but few stains oveously well loved so will try and make him like new again !

Micky. Mouse

He’s had a wash on this picture but has a couple of stains on his hand so still work to be done on him.

Also that time again for deciding what my giveaway monkey will be for Christmas ? Always did a giveaway at Halloween and Christmas but just Christmas now this was last years.

Penguin monkey my giveaway last year

so what will it be this year ?

so excited so going to be busy before you know it October will be here

thanks for reading julie

Monkey Adventures Handmade Business

Monkey adventures

The weather has been so hot so we thought we would go on an adventure with the monkeys.  We like visiting Chester in Cheshire and took two of my favourite sock monkeys Rockford and rainbow with us. Wasn’t long before they was up to mischief. They don’t get out much !

Found a chair to sit on

Sitting on a chair in the hotel waiting to go on adventures.

We visited some church ruins and the monkeys couldn’t wait to do some climbing and get up to mischief.

Rainbow waisted no time climbing

Sliding down the church steps and climbing trees.

Having fun getting hot
Climbing trees

we had to take a rest it was so hot !  Rockford had to take his hat off !

Just having a moment

They wanted to jump in the water had to stop rainbow before he went in !

Don’t do it !

managed to get them back and put them to bed that’s enough adventures for one day 😊

Good night monkeys

we stayed for a few days but they managed to behave most of the time  thanks for looking happy days.

for more adventures when we went to Scarborough see my next blog coming soon 😊