Not a thing I can do these days.  I know what I want to do ! But not quite reaching my goal. Did I have one to start with that’s a question ? So many things got in the way block your thoughts stop you being who you want to be. Hard work is what you need to do stop playing get on with it mmmmm. I have devoted a lot of years what for ? Learned a lot could write a book ! If I could focus long enough who knows. Taking me an age to do anything my hands don’t move as quick but my brain is willing . How can I focus when there’s a mist blocking my view. Have I given up ! Did I wake up one day and say I give up. No perhaps I am looking at things different than I have before and not seeing the end result. Why I ask has it gone away when my enthusiasm was oosing from my sole. Every second of the day ideas and motivation filled my life. Perhaps I’m distracted and need time to reflect taking more time off than working is this the answer? If you can’t focus you can’t work. Writing this down is it helping I must think ! Positive. So much negativity in this world affecting our thoughts. Is it this stopping the focus maybe not just that ! We are taken over with just living our lives getting involved in other people’s lives and upsets . Trying to help when you can’t  help your self because you can’t focus. Noises in your ears saying no don’t do it ! Time for yourself . Wanting to tell them This is my time I have done all that and bought the tshirt. Perhaps it’s time to focus on the important things in life keeping healthy and looking after your self and you’re loved ones. Perhaps who knows  the focus on everything else will come back . Well as long as everyone else is focused on what they are doing ! Maybe I’m better at helping other people to focus thanks for reading .


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