Monkeys Shareing the craft room with new friends handmade business

Monkeys sharing the craft room with new friends


New friends

As I mentioned before I haven’t been making as many monkeys. My craft room has been filling with lots of weird and wonderful things. Funny it started off as just vintage and my own things but I am finding my self drawn towards the teddies and dolls to sell. Some have been in bad condition and I’m bringing them back to life to play another day. I wrote a blog about my love of dolls but always collected teddies for a long time but have been in the wardrobe for years . My sock monkeys have pride of place in the bedroom and craft room as they are special.

My monkeys

But my teddies have hardly been played with except my grandson taking them out to look at  them they are like new. I gave a lot away a few years ago to the charity shop and just kept my favourite ones.  I thought perhaps I can sell them not all at once perhaps one at a time. I found a very large golden teddy st Michael marks and spencer teddy bear really chunky not much space for him so thought he could go first.

My golden teddy

sold him quite quick to a lovely lady who also collects teddies and she was very happy ! She said he just fit on the shelf  with her other teddy friends. So he went to a good home and is now on display as  he should be. I am not sure I’m ready to sell the rest but rescuing them and making like new sounds more appealing.

Bringing me great joy collecting things like mr men and Care Bears and found some lovely teddy figures. So my little craft room is filling up.

Mr tickle

Who remembers trolls well times gone on since my day ! They have been reinvented a few times but brought back memories of one I had when I was younger.

Troll with pink hair

I think my craft room is filling with lots of lovely toys.and things.  So who knows what I will find  or what I will keep.

Monkey among the mess

new friends

New friends

Had to buy more shelf area to put them all . But being packed away as new ones come in ready To go to new homes. Would also like to renovate a dolls house but that’s another story.

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For my Love of Dolls

Love dolls

Always had a fascination for dolls

Girly thing ! I remember having a baby doll when I was younger and kept it till my teens then gave it away because I thought I was to old to have dolls. I also remember making a dolls house out of a cardboard box spent hours making little items and making wall paper. Oh yes I had a cindy doll I think most girls had a cindy or a Barbie. My Nan gave one of my girls when they was little a topsy tirby doll rag doll it had two heads this was handmade and I thought it was fascinating. So your probably thinking  I have a big collection of dolls but I don’t ! Reason being I also love teddies so never had the space to collect both.  I do have a black doll called Betsy that I rescued from a house my dad was clearing long time ago. She sits on my set of draws in the bedroom she’s from the 1940s she had no clothes when I got her so over the years she’s had ones made for her. Mentioned about Betsy in other blogs.shes wearing a lovely white and purple outfit matching the bedroom.had these made for her but every so often I change them but she’s very delicate her arms head and legs attached with elastics inside the body.she sometimes looks like she staring at you with her painted face. I sometimes talk to her like she’s real !  Love to know her history and who she belonged to that would make a good story.

Betsy doll

Handmade dolls I love!  first noticed Blythe dolls on Pinterest love them. Collected pictures on myDolls board plus other dolls some great pictures. Blythe dolls  are not very big but have big eyes and very realistic. Love old dolls antiques ,ragdolls and anything to do with dolls.

Blythe doll

my love of rag dolls never went away so many ragdolls makers the handmade work detail that goes into them. I came across @maisymuffinragdolls on Instagram she makes the most wonderful dolls and also writes story’s for them she has a shop on Folksy and this year has sold over a thousand items. She doesn’t know I’m writing this so hope you will go take a look. I bought a mo boy rag doll thought that was different from ones I had seen before.  Also since bought clothes and some Christmas pjs for him my grandson loves him like he dose my sock monkeys and she kindly sent a couple of books free for me to read to him.

Mo from maisy muffin ragdolls

so I have had an idea to make a ragdoll out of socks it’s something I have wanted to do for a while.  My own pattern and it may take a while to work out  but Im Giving it a go ! Still making my sock monkeys  and had lots of great ideas.

Start of my sock ragdoll

if interested may do a blog of the different stages of making 😊

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I follow lots of Instagram doll makers. So here’s some of the many I follow.           @fabiluli @ladydurhamdolls @sinadolls @henandchick @ohzuzana @isabellas_secret_attic @mukla_doll  @dollmakers

Also @blythe_sana