Matching the Decoration

Matching the decoration

I love colour but love matching

You get all the painting and wallpapering done and can’t wait to do the assesories and matching up of the new decoration ! That’s the best bit.

When I did my diy in my house went searching for things to match. Blue and white items that would fit in with my theme not knowing what I would find. I was on a budget so where  could I find things ? I love old things so perhaps antique shops  but found these a little pricey so next best place was the charity shops. Took me a while but on a visit to Windermere found some lovely jugs and had to buy them perfect.

Matching living room

This was the start Had a couple of items glass candle sticks and lamp just had to get white candles and a new shade for the lamp.

Blue and white cushion covers from IKEA bringing a different blue into the mix . Navy curtains with stars matching the wall paper . Also found other jugs and vases and  had my great idea to do my doodle pictures and decoupage some small tables spoke about these in preveous blogs.

As I make sock monkeys  I add to make a blue and white monkey to match my doodle picture still have a fascination for the blue and white theme. Great idea for a bedroom did a little collage of ideas with my monkey.  I came up with this idea when taking photos hope to do a blog  on how I take photos and the apps I use to make my pictures.

My collage or idea board for blue and white theme for bedrooms

hope to do more matching so keep watching

Thanks for  reading Julie