DIY living room

Living room

Very pleased with the results finally got the big part of the diy done !

Been a slow process didn’t realise there was a few holes in the wall and all the white painting was never ending. I decided to do white and navy blue. I found some gorgeous Kelly hoppen wall paper that I love. Couldn’t wait to put it on the wall.


looks so bright and fresh in both rooms dining room previous blog and now living room. My furniture doesn’t match so now having to buy or revamp what I have. I quite like all the space at the moment and had new carpet put down and cushion floor in dining room.

Carpet in grey
Grey wood effect

You can say I have been very busy in deed!

Trying to keep it to a budget was difficult used a very large tin of white silk paint for the walls and two tins of satin wood and then the paper was a little more than I normally pay but I love it. New curtains now realised all the fitting will have to be changed to silver. Need a new sofa like matching everything. Had an idea to put some of my doodles in a frame in blue and white but would like to add another one. Found some lovely jugs in blue and white and had a few other vases so coming together nicely.

Some white candles on the fire place with glass candle holders. Still lots to do here’s the doodle pictures.

My doodle pictures

look great on the wall your probably thinking what has a boat a monkey and some leaves got to do with it ! Other than being blue and white all mean something to me that’s the beauty of doing your own art work.I can draw but wanted something different and always doing these doodles.

Revamping some old coffee tables. Things are being moved round so will look completely different to how it was.

Coffee tables

Still plenty to do so may add another picture when complete.

I love to do the DIY I have now decorated every room in the house just one last room to do the wash house or laundry room. This indeed will be a task to do but not sure when it will get done.

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extra added another picture love it ! I am now thinking of making something simler for perhaps a bedroom with matching monkey ?

Love them

Also the coffee tables when finished decoupaged with magazines

Love them

Spot of DIY

Spot of DIY

Yes it’s that time again so much Decorating to do in this house !

I spend most of my time in this house with working from home so I like it to look as nice as I can on a Ltd budget. Not keen on the painting bit but love putting the wall paper up and making it look nice.

I did my kitchen last year. Had a new boiler put in and had holes in ceiling and walls what a job but I did it ! Went all out did my cupboards in a lovely bright Aqua colour love bright colour.

 Bright yellow door knobs love it !

I decided to take time out of my business to finish the rest of the house it’s never ending my dining and living room hasn’t been done for years in fact I can’t remember it’s that long ago. I did the bedrooms up stairs before the kitchen so they are ok for now ! But it’s a vicious circle always something to do.

So now doing the dining room keeping with similar colour palate on the walls. This lovely lighter aqua colour minty green


Everyone liked the Laura Ashley paper I had on but it needs to come off here’s a before picture.

Time for a change so it’s all happening that spot of DIY. Already done most of the painting and just the papering with this lovely sugar steeler print to put on and the dining rooms complete another job done. Can’t wait to do the matching accessories but still lots to do !

 Love the colour wanted to carry the colour through to the living room but maybe to much of the same colour so going for something different. Paint is valspar from B&Q.

Sugar steeler wall paper

Love the colour  keep checking as I add more details. Living room is also being redecorated. Rock my sock monkey joined in the fun.

Rock my sockmonkey

The paper is on looks very mystical and fresh looking. The room has a picture rail and only one wall has been papered the rest is painted. Above is all white.

Do love old furniture so my dining set is quite vintage looking but love it.

Bit of a mess as now moved on to the living room all accessorising will be done later did manage to put my flying ducks back on the wall.

Ducks  Ducks

read my next blog to see how the DIY turns out !