What a lovely monkeymas it was (Christmas)


I love my doodles they say it’s theraputic to draw and set my self a challenge with my monkeymas advent doodles . Twenty four doodles of monkeymas mischief fun!.

wasnt the drawing that was a challenge it was what I could draw next. incorporating the number and the amount of things objects in each one was most difficult but I did it. All drawn free hand with my finger or drawing pen stylus’s . Just fun I would recommend giving it a go done on the drawing desk app on ipad.

Monkeymas advent

I haven’t been sewing as many monkeys and didn’t make many before Christmas but still in my life in my doodles. I think a bit more practice and who knows what I can acheave perhaps some birthday cards . I have done my own designs of cards before long time ago.

So love my new venture revamping the vintage toys always best to keep your options open but still enjoy what you do just fitting it all in . Trying lots  of new things have some ideas but we will see.

Thanks for reading I hope to do more blogs in the new year

merry Christmas and all the best for the new year


Christmas Card Day

we all send Christmas cards at Christmas time to friends relations and loved ones. But how did it all start?  Well back in 1843 the first commercial Christmas cards was created in England by Sir Henry Cole. Civil servant who came up with the idea of sending greetings scribbled into a card.

Christmas card day Honors the inventor today the 9th December. First cards with family’s raising a toast. Later flower designs for promise of spring. Lithograph firm prang and Mayer started selling cards of children & cartoon Animals to America in 1874. By 1880 they was producing a massive five million Cards a year.

Some Christmas cards are now collector items. One of the first cards commissioned by Cole and produced by J C Horsley went for £22.250 at auction. In 2001. British Museium have a collection of these cards worth a visit.

Nice idea at this time is to make your own Christmas cards with card,glitter,glue,pens paint anything you can find and get creating. This is one of the things me and my grandson joe will be doing next week to give to his mummy and daddy. I have just been watching a you tube video that reminded me of when the kids was little and I used old Christmas cards for tags on the gifts. Just seemed a shame to throw them away and saved a few pennies.

Some tags cut out of Christmas cards

These days seasons greetings are sent via the internet e-mail,message on Facebook sent to friends and family all across the world. I have already recieved some cards and messages. so time to buy those Christmas cards and get them sent out or maybe I will make some.

Christmas cards recieved

merry christmas every one thanks for reading🎄🎅🏻