Time to reflect Get organised

Here we are New Year

Happy New Year 🎉

First day to a new year time to get organised ?

Tax return done ✔️ Must remember to do this before the Christmas rush ? Something to write in the diary , oh yah need a Diary

Calendars up ✔️and have to be starting taking pictures for 2018 Exciting . Wrote all the birthdays on and will try and remember them . Also have to remind my self of any events ?

New ideas ✔️ Things I would like to do and can’t find time . Meaning less time on social media and more time thinking and doing . Love showing my monkeys and can’t resist showing something new ! Ideas for colouring book and cards .

Sock monkeys✔️ Sewing my monkeys can take forever must think of a quicker way to make them . They are my own style and all a bit different .Double sew on machine and the hand stitching is also double .felt is cut out by hand so be looking for easier and quicker way to do this .

More me time ✔️Think this is important don’t spend enough time on my self it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what you do ! Go out more , read more books have a pile not read , do something with my hair , get a bit fitter , all the normal stuff because this year is my 60th Birthday 🎂

Thankyou for reading my blog please leave a comment love to know your plans for the new year 😊



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