Why I stopped dieing my hair about me

Why I stopped dieing my hair going grey

Never really thought about going grey ! But often wondered what my natural colour was after dieing it blonde for so long. I can’t remember when I first died my hair all over but recall an orange streak in the 70s  that looked hideous but washed out. I was blonde when I was little went darker as I got older and that’s when it started. Every 6 weeks started with high lights and then buying blonde colours. On a few occasions I tried to go back to my natural colour  but could never find exact colour to match my roots. So for ages I bought the same colour  and did my hair. When I started selling Avon I bought the colour champagne blonde and before that lightest blonde by l’oreal.

Avon champhane blonde

.I noticed a lighter piece at the front becoming more prominent  but kept colouring.  I still have boxes of colour in my wardrobe even though it’s been 14 months since I last died my hair. This picture of me after my last colour.

My hair is very long .

so why did I stop dieing ? I was finding it harder to die my own hair and was ill and just couldn’t be bothered with it ! Noticed how thin it was  doctor had give me some tablets  for high blood pressure and my hair was falling out. Your hair does go thinner as you get older but it was a shock. I stopped taking the tablets and it went back to normal but had lost some hair. I knew then  that I needed to now look after my hair and stop bleaching it . So I made the dission just before my 60th Birthday to go die free. I had to go back on the tablets and I’m now ok except for a few tuffs and split hair. Still managing to keep it long.

Me as a little girl

So when my hair grew 5 inches I decided to have 5 inches cut off at the hairdressers.  It was still long and now has grown again ! Not growing as quick as I would like. Some days I hate it some days I love it now thinking of cutting shorter? hate short hair well on me ! Looks great on others.

I didn’t realise you need special shampoo to keep those silver bright. Tried a few different ones  but now just using the shampoo and conditioner advance techniques violet by Avon.

Here’s some of the products I use

I always remember my hair being darker in winter and my hair at the back is very dark. Not sure If I like that but we will see. When transitioning your hair can be different colours.

Shines coming back

now grown about 7 inches so shines in the light. Just washed my hair on these pictures blends quite well. So not giving up yet !

Been watching lots of lovely ladies on YouTube some only young  when them silvers came through think it’s harder when you have darker hair growing out. But I say go for it thanks for reading.


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