Start of a new year

New year is here 🎉

Will this year be any different than last who knows Time will tell. We wish that all the dreams hopes for everyone will come true and maybe they will or maybe they won’t..Time to blow the cobwebs away and have a fresh start!

January my calendar

I am taking each day at as it comes. starting with getting organised that’s a start for me ! I always start with good intentions but I’m going to stick with it if it kills me and it probably will. Why do women have so much to do  that gets in the way of what we really want to do .


Now after Christmas the tree needs pulling down and packing away for another Year. Before I can get back to sewing have a list of things that need doing . Paper work finished today tick one tree down tick Calendar up tick with all birthdays entered washing drying tick cleaning the list goes on ! But  I am getting things done.

Paper work

So many projects in the fire as they say ! What to do first and still do everything else. How do others do it ! How will I feel,will I have energy to do the work ? I bought a diary I am going to fill the days in when I  do other things and see what days,hours I have left. When I was younger had a full time job and had three children. I would have said that women can multi task but not sure now. Things change but you should never give up just do things different.

One day step at a time

Back to it then just planning one day or step at a time so here’s to 2018 🥂

Thanks for reading Julie 😊🎉


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