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I came across these strange socks when looking for something different to make my monkeys ! I loved them they come in packs but every single one is a different pattern no two the same the make is called United odd socks

Think I like them because they are bright and colourful. I remember the first sock monkey I made they put it on there face book page. Gratitude indeed you may say ! yah fame at last haha .


To make a monkey I need a pair of socks and they make packs of three so My odd sock as I call him was made from the sock left over with a couple of other socks I found . My odd sock was born he sits in my bedroom with my other monkeys I have created . I have made a few now out of this make of sock even a miss odd sock . Just purchased some new ones so can’t wait to make them up.


Update Odd sock was two on the 26th march

Back view

what is an odd sock you know when a pair goes in the washing machine and only one comes out funny how that happens ! That gave me another idea to make monkeys out of them . One of my customers and friend sent me some of her granddaughters odd socks and I made her two monkey loved them that was quite a few years ago now before I CE tested them.I must ask has she still got them ? Great idea for keep sakes !

The thing about these odd sock monkeys everyone has been different even though they are all odd socks they are unique and made by me. Thanks for reading my blog . Please watch out for the new odd sock monkeys if you would like one only make a few .

new socks

Making a new range retro odd sock monkeys


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