New year Sunnyteddy designs

New Year 2018

Front Cover

Today the new calendars came for 2018 decided on my doodle of my monkeys for the front cover.

whats going to happen this year I haven’t made any plans but still have projects going on.

Will have an extra day to work on things as my little grandson goes to nursery for two extra days so exciting for him but will miss him he’s my little star.

I normally think about my next years calendar in the new year ! Start taking photos but thought of maybe doing something a bit different this next time  Perhaps more drawing pictures of monkeys I love doing my doodles.

Feeding the robins

I am still in Christmas mode. Hard to think about new year but here we are going into a new year in a few days. Time has gone so fast this year!

Looking forward to my walk in the new year becoming a tradition always take the monkeys out with us and take pictures . Start of my calendar for the following year. These for January was taken last January it was a lovely frosty fresh day.


Took some great pictures.

Well that’s the first day planned I am just going to see how the rest pans out!  No plans no exspectations for now.

So I would like to wish you all a happy new year and hope all your wishes come true all the best Julie 😊

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