Neglecting the monkeys handmade business

Yes its true monkeys have been Negleted

I love the sock monkeys I make and enjoyed making them!

They take me so long to make but I like them to be perfect and the hours I put in don’t match the money I earn making them.

The price of my handmade monkeys is never calculated  on time spent or how much thought went into them  it’s what value people think they should be or what I would like to pay my self.

I love a challenge and the artist in me just wants to create a unique piece that I enjoy doing not having to rush.  As rushing these days isn’t working.

maybe I just want it to go back to a hobby not a business ?  I have worked so hard that I’m not ready give up yet !

So im taking my time with my monkeys and thinking of other ways to make a living. Still with monkeys in mind.

so I’m not neglecting them just doing something different may take a while to get it right so wish me luck.

gave my monkeys a cuddle today 🐵❤️

Me and the monkey

Thanks for reading more blogs soon !

Julie 😊


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