Making Sock Monkeys

I love making my sock monkeys but I like to be a bit creative.

When you CE TEST your monkeys lots of rules and designs have to be tested if using anything different. I try and use mainly socks that are allowed and safe . I am working on a monkey called Socki Anna shes  made of mainly socks and felt for her eyes.

Starts as a basic design monkey but then another sock goes over to make the top part of the dress . looks like a jumper if using elastic part at top . goes under mouth before sewn on. Not a lot of sock to work with but with remaining socks cut out two rectangle cutting as near as possible to toe and heal at other side . Sew two sides together and turn over top. stitching leaving big enough gap for elastic. makes the skirt thread elastic through .Try round waist of monkey and mark to sew other seam and hem.

Processed with MOLDIV

The arms to the dress are made just like the arms of the monkey but the elastic end left open for cuff , these are put over arms of monkey before sewn on . Sewn together at top and then sewn to monkey through two socks making sure it secure .

Processed with MOLDIV

Add ears and felt eyes . Hem the top of dress add skirt .

This patern is made up by me and only ever made one that’s similar

My first Socki anna

socki Anna’s finished and ready to go to her new owner 😊

made lots of other things to when I’m having them creative moment . Very surprising what  you can do with socks . I have made champagne bottles , large paint brushes .Love doing the art sock dolls ,monkeys .

To make this monkey you will need two pairs of socks ,felt,and embroidery thread for mouth . Extra peace of sock for bow.

to give you a guide to making a sock monkey I found this great tutorial on you tube but this is an original red heeled sock monkey . I have made two of these great tutorial .

Thanks for reading .


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