How to make a tutu for a sock monkey

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Today I would like to show you how to make a tutu for a sock monkey .

Things you will need

1/ Tulle or netting spools any colour 

2/ card board /pen

3/sharp pair of scissors

4/ round jar or tin

5/elastic /safety pin

6/needle and thread


8/ small piece of tape

First of all measure two pieces of cardboard the same size 8″x 8″/20cm to make a 4″/10cm tutu if you need tutu bigger make larger . Stick the two pieces together with a little tape top and bottom leaving open at sides

Take the end of your tool and stick with your tape a little bit over the end to secure . Keeping the two pieces of card together.

wrap the tulle round the cardboard not too tight as each end has to be cut.You can use all tule or as much as you think you will need . When done cut between the cardboard at both ends keeping tight hold.

Once cut you have a pile of squares ready to make your tutu .

You can use normal elastic or thicker wrap round your monkeys waist for size and mark and cut . Once you have your peace pin ends together and put round jar stretching slightly . I find a jar easier but you can use other things what evers best for you .


Take two pieces of tulle ruffle together and fold in half making a loop in middle .

Going  under from top putting loop under and thread rest of piece over and through loop pull to make a knot .

Keeping pieces together carry on all round elastic till full . You can always add more later .

Try round you monkey for fit .  Then sew elastic together on machine or by hand . Filling any gaps with  another tulle knot to hide elastic . Make sure it’s even cut any odd pieces make it level .

Your tutu is finished fluff up once on monkey or pull knots tighter😊

Tutu monkey

Enjoy tutu making  thanks for reading

Julie 🌼

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