Just Love Colour Bright colours have always been an attraction for me .

(our creativity puts colour in the world spins magic in our minds) quote

( red and yellow and pink and blue orange and purple and green I can sing a rainbow to) rhyme 🌈

I often said I should have been an interior designer I often do the decorating in the house when I get chance . Just last year painted my cupboards in my kitchen a lovely teal turquoise colour with bright yellow door knobs it took me a while but love it . So it’s nice to have a vase of yellow flowers to match you don’t mind spending time in the kitchen so bright and pretty . Flowers are also a thing I love most of the wall paper in the house are flower designs. Bedroom has purple roses one of my favourite colours as I do most of the decorating I get to choose . I am a fan of Laura Ashley paper and did my craft room in a lovely green flowered paper with a butterfly theme. I am a bargain hunter and got the paper in the sale so also have it on two walls on my stairs in a different colour .

My kitchen cupboards and one of my paintings
My craft room

I must tell you about the orange wall paper still in wrappers I bought off eBay! Found in a lady’s loft been there for years very retro and very Me.Was so excited to get it couldn’t wait to put it up enough rolls and a bit left over for the fire place wall in the living room . Unforchanatly there was only me like it so it didn’t stay up very long sad . When I had the tank taken out I managed to put some in the cupboard but it’s hidden.

My orange wall paper

me and hubby love vintage and went for a mooch at a vintage fair came back with a red old electric iron love it . I thought be a great prop for a vintage type pic I want to take  with my Rockford vintage monkey all ideas at the mo . When I saw it I just had to have it don’t know why it needs renovating cleaning bring back the colour .

Old electric iron

My work making sock monkeys reflects my artistic talents for mixing and matching colours it’s what I like to do with all my work .  Also love to draw and  hope to take up painting again? My claim to fame was selling a large sunflower picture many years ago ! But I do think you really have to be good to sell your work but you never know. I am working on drawing as I want to design some cards but it’s a slow process as I need to get it right! Yes they will be full of colour and feature my monkeys.

My scribbling

Even this little website blog is very colourful and bright I just can’t help my self I’m colour crazy. I look at others and think mine maybe a bit bright but I like it and until I think of another design ? Will be just the same because it’s mine and I love colour . You must get the drawing desk app it’s great you can draw colour such fun . My little grandson joe loves it   And I have found I love to doodle and scribble all the time and put my little creations on Instagram and Facebook not saying they are always great but something I enjoy doing. So many fantastic illustrators who are wonderful artists but if you feel like drawing doesn’t matter how good you are I say do it .

My doodles done on drawing desk

Love taking pictures specially the ones I took in summer of the monkeys out and about . Nothing like a summers day bright flowers and trees blue sky’s lovely. So now looking forward to summer then I can take more of the same . Managed to take some in January even though it was cold the sun was shining it was a lovely day. We want pictures and colour we just have to get out and capture it . My pictures take up a lot of my space on my iPad never want to delete them the wonder of pictures . We live in the world of social media we crave for pictures and colour of people and how they see things we love browsing .

Summer out and about at Pennington flash

Thankyou for reading my blog I could probably go on about colour but I will be some where over the rainbow   Having tea with Alice in wonderland and watching beauty and the beast and singing along In my colouful world.

Julie 😊

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