Jas crafty and DIY moments

Jas Crafty Moments

Jas is me and Jas Crafty and DIY moments is a page I set up on Facebook

way back in 2012

I love crafting and always have since I was a little girl.

This is me when I was about 7 or 8 yrs we lived in Australia my mum and dad emergrated a long time ago now . We only stayed for about three years. I can remember it well .

Over the years I have always done some kind of crafting mix of flower arranging , drawing , painting , card making , knitting , think my nan taut me to knit she was a fantastic knitter. We lived with her and grandad when we came back from Australia for a short while why we looked for a place to live. I learned a lot from her .

So this is where it started really love any kind of craft and love crafty people so love to help if I can share any ones handmade I do . I started jas crafty moments just for all the other things I did. At first like my paintings and drawings . I had a group on Facebook so everyone could share there handmade but had to close due to lack of interest very sad.

Couple of my paintings taken from the original pictures

I have three pages on Facebook my Sunnyteddysdesigns , Jas crafty moments  and my Avon page I sell avon for a little extra income to support my handmade sock monkeys business. But I have sold handmade bag charms and had a page selling scarfs and bags. Sock monkeys came later just started as a hobby like everything else.

I love Folksy.com and Etsy.com great handmade items worth a look !  I know how difficult it can be to sell your own creations been there bought the tee shirt. So I share on Pinterest  so many interesting things . I find things to put on my page from different places on Facebook,Pinterest,folksy, or any thing crafty.

DIY well that’s me again I love doing a spot of decorating ! Specially the matching up and the fancy bit .so you will find a lot of my DIY projects and things on the page . Not that I get a lot of time but have a lot of things coming up and will be taking a break from the monkeys to get things done  so be showing them hopefully.

so please pop by any of my pages and say hi

thank you Julie 😊

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