The eyes make the sock monkey

yes the eyes of my sock monkeys make them unique. Why you will ask ?

When I first started making monkeys I wanted them to be different than other people’s sockmonkeys. I noticed that most sock monkey makers although slightly different did the half moon eyes so wanted mine different my own design. I looked at pictures of monkeys mainly chimpanzees love them so have a big picture collection on Pinterest of monkeys.


I decided that each eye shape would be cut out by hand using a card template. If you use a die cutter each one would be the same but cutting out by hand is very different. Looking at the eyes you would say they was the same but they are not ! Even when sewing they change may move slightly or the gaps not the same between each eye.

One of my monkeys
My handmade monkey

Soon as the eyes go on they become a carictor in there own right ! My monkeys my design. Every maker has there own style of making and some only make the same style of monkey in different socks over and over. I have come to realise I can only make so many the same and I have to change something. Always mainly make Sockmonkeys but have made odd different things like a cat and Bunnies.



My cat

Love making what I call Arty ones this is when the creativeness takes over they take along time but if they turn out it’s the greatest feeling . These are all one off creations and never repeated.


Monkey rot special monkey

Mutant turtle monkey

I have a big fascination for dolls I know why !  Think it was when I was little and still have one I mentioned in another blog. Working on a new project can’t wait just need time to make and perfect a rag doll. The difficult part is making it safe CE testing even though I am a small business don’t want them falling apart. Yes and the main part will be the eyes been sketching but early days. This is things in progress and not sure if things will come together have so many things im working on ! So let’s hope my eyes keep seeing  to do them.

Thanks for reading my Blog

merry Christmas to all Julie




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