Exciting ideas for the new year

Remember I told you about my colouring book idea !

I love to draw and been planning it for a while . I am not an illustrater but have always been good at art .Love to doodle and can draw if I put my mind to it. The more I think about it could write a children’s book my monkeys have all taken on there own characters  and are different . Perhaps I can bring my grandson Joe into the story you never know .


I wouldn’t have thought this possible but this is a way of exspanding my business . Don’t know if anyone would be interested but love to give it a go     I go to bed and my head is filled with ideas ! So much so I can’t sleep but need to think and have time and don’t seem to have a lot of that at the moment. Perhaps in the new year when things are quieter ?

Been a lot more relaxed this year I am normally on panic mode at this point at Christmas .But I get more done and better if done at my own pace Other wise I am not happy with my work . Who are my monkeys well at the moment very much part of my life I eat ,sleep and dream monkeys it’s not good I can’t switch off .

I am getting my monkey orders done ! When all done and sent out I can think about Christmas festivities . All the family are round my house this year so looking forward to that 🎄


Hope to have a few more blog tales to tell and more monkey adventures soon thanks for reading .





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