My doodles have took on a new meaning


I can draw and paint but love doing what I call my doodles quick little drawing.

My logos that go on my tags are doodles

I first started drawing these when I found a fantastic app called drawingdesk app on my iPad. I love it often draw just with my finger.

Any one can use it !  Kids to grandads my grandson joe loves it and just got my dad drawing on it ! You can make shades of different colours,Write , colour and it’s free you can get extras if you want to up to you.


Great  if you have had a stressful day after work scribble your stress away ! I have drawn in the past and painted a few pictures but this takes it to another level digital drawing love it.

Monkeys doing the paper work

I often do doodles of my sock monkeys not perfect but they are so much fun to do.  Combining with other apps you can make some great pictures . You can find my doodle over on my Instagram or Facebook page.

Love them

I have been doing a lot of DIY in the house and came up with the idea to do some doodle art In frames for my wall to match my deco wrote about this on  another blog. Link below.

So now I want to make pictures to sell bit of work  to get it right so I put one of my doodle monkeys in a frame and put it on my Folksy shop just to see if  get any interest so we will see.

My monkey doodle

DIY living room

Thanks for reading Julie


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