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Hi I normally have lots of great crafty ideas ! Sometimes there’s not enough space in my brain it could burst but never get time . I am writing this while I keep my eye on my little grandson Joe who’s a little monkey .

#Love Crafting#

Crafty ideas So many crafty people with some fantastic ideas I often put lots of great videos and tutorials on my Jas crafty and DIY moments worth a look. If your reading this you must like crafting ? Pinterest is a fab place for picking up ideas and there’s lots of crafty groups on Facebook to help and sell your crafty work. Take a look at my Pinterest page crafty and sewing boards.

#Making Flowers#

Anyone can craft it’s a great making your own things ! From drawing to paper folding . When I was younger just loved making patterns and colouring them also love to doodle.Even tried zentangle made up of different patterns very relaxing. Making flowers out of paper you can make anything if you put your mind to it have you seen the paper folds out of books amazing. One of my Facebook friends makes stars. Here’s a video on making large flowers by 5 minute crafts.

Posted by Jas crafty and DIY moments on Sunday, 2 July 2017


#Soon be Christmas#

Crafty ideas are endless love the handmade teddies so cute ! Always had a thing about teddies maybe try and make one you never know. Felting is interesting to need a lot of time but great results. Making quilts I made one for my grandson when he was born my first attempt turned out better than I thought it would. Even though I make monkeys sewing on the machine wasn’t my strong point. Great thing to make is stockings for Christmas once you have the basic shape your away. Have to use strong cotton fabric or put a lining inside.


Making cards you can buy every thing you need now some great embellishments. All you need is an artistic flare. If you can draw no end of things you can do. Now so many illustrators and designers having there designs printed for wall paper, fabrics , even colouring books. I want to make a colouring book design I have ideas for this but not finished yet hopefully soon. Already designed my own card years ago and now do the tags for my monkeys once you have a design it’s easy to print them.


Always fancied doing some clay work not sure I would be any good on the potters wheel but give it a go ! But I could write a long list of things I would like to try.

#knitting crochet#

knitting and crochet is something I can do made baby things when my girls was little . Think this is back in fashion again now or maybe it never went out I don’t know. Love the tiny creatures made from cotton yarn you can buy patterns for these  from craft shops. I bought some gorgeous little crochet flowers to put on my monkeys when I first started and resantly won a giveaway from Tiny Curl on etsy , Facebook and Instagram a brooch and a necklace I love them she’s also designing a pattern. I also love Purple hedgehog on folksy,Etsy and Facebook also dose patterns love her dragons.

So cute 

#DOlls #

Always wanted to make a rag doll love dolls so many makers but all unique. I’m a big fan of blyth dolls love there big eyes. I have a collection of doll pictures on my pinterest page. Love to know how you make them ? I have an old black doll she sits on my set of draws in the bedroom. You probably think I’m to old for dolls, but I found her in a house my dad was clearing for someone long time ago. She had no clothes and was a bit battered so I cleaned her up painted her eyes and mouth back on think she’s from the 1940s. Over the years She’s had assortment of baby and handmade clothes made for her I call her Betsy.

My doll Betsy

My Doll Betsy

#Buttons and beads#

I love buttons and beads I have a lot of beads from when I made bagcharms. I have had an idea to make some fashion earrings with them big earrings are back in fashion so I have been told. I loved fashion when I was younger I collected pictures of all the latest trends and stick them on my wall. I also like to revamp things my favourite item is my denim jacket. Had ideas to put fabric,buttons and embroidery on denim jackets perhaps a second hand one to try first to see how it turns out.

#pictures and videos#

Nothing to do with crafting but great idea started videoing my sock monkeys and love taking pictures of them some great apps love my iPad. Just made this one on flipogram thanks for reading and I’m sure you have lots of crafty ideas and things.

Monkeys still up to mischief 💜

Posted by Sunnyteddys designs on Saturday, 22 July 2017

my monkey upto mischief

julie 😊

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