Christmas lists and putting up the Christmas tree

I haven’t blogged for a while been so busy

So I did manage to put my Christmas tree up ! Normally doesn’t go up till two weeks before Christmas. Don’t know if you have seen my other blogs about my redecoration of my living room and dining room. But it’s took most of my time over the last few months to do the work. Still a few things not finished like tables need painting and hooks for the curtains need spraying silver. My tree is normally decked in traditional  red and green and gold last year I bought lots of new baubles.

Last years Christmas tree

I wanted to keep with the theme of the room so ended up buying new ones this year in blue,white and silver to match. The others didn’t go to waist as bought a little tree for my grandson joe put in the dining room  in the centre of my table. He loved decorating. we have been doing lots of things baking,painting,making things with playdo it’s always a fun packed day. I have been making some baby tutu sock monkeys and he liked the first one I made and called it bell .(beauty and the beast bell)was looking for a fairy to go on top of his tree and Bell was just the right size.

Bell the fairy on top of the tree

I have also put my tree in a new place this year so looks completely different I am normally a very colourful person so cold colours are not normally me nice change.  chance yet to put a pop of colour in we will see but very pleased with the results. Bit of a star theme going on ! Got some realy pretty baubles was going to make some but I found lots in the colours to my surprise. First ones I spotted was at the Ena Mill factory shop in my town and the rest at B&Q love them.

B&Q decorations

Here’s the final results love it !

My Christmas tree this year

Now the trees up Christmas lists To make 🎅🏻

My first list is normally everyone I buy for at christmas and some kind of idea of what to buy. My priority is normally my girls and two grandsons. But need pressies for my Family mum,Dad ,sister,brother and there partners and Children.  Christmas can be stressful need organisation.  Making a list helps and not going Christmas shopping with too many people including the hubby ?  helps as your all looking for gifts at the same time unless they are for you can hint. I find men difficult to buy for few suggestions smellies,football related,socks,biscuits,chocolates,wine,beer or anything hobby related. The girlies I have no problem smellies,accessories ,chocolates ,jewellery,candles,proseco.cosy cute things and lots more.  I always do christmas stockings for all my girls. Something I have done from being small they have all left home and my eldest is 42 This December but still do them. Changed it a bit now it’s lots of munchy type treats  they can share with partners.

Have already bought a few pressies so the next thing is wrapping 😊 oh yes writing the Christmas cards. Did you know today’s Christmas card day  I will try and write another blog about that !

Thanks for reading happy Christmas 🎄🎅🏻

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