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where shall I start love to read watch a lot of catch up tv (anything about houses ,diy,great British bake-off etc )and if I need to know anything I look on YouTube. I resantly turned 60 and looked in the mirror and thought oh no I’m getting old ! Sounds silly this but I have spent that much time consantrating on every thing else I had let my self go a bit ! My hair had grown that long and had developed some grey coming threw. I never thought I looked my age but had been ill as well so I had to do something can’t let the side down my Mum and Dad look fab for there age.

So what do I do ! What I always do go on you tube and what I found was amazing. All these lovely over 50 women doing all in there power to keep them selves looking good. I sell Avon but don’t really wear makeup ( well maybe a bit of mascara and lipstick if I go some where special) although I do use the skin care when I remember but there was moments I didn’t even wash my face as so much to do just forgot.  Now have to tell you about the lady who lived till she was a 100 and never washed her face and had perfect skin but that may not be true. So was watching these ladies and thought I better get into action. It came over me I would have to find time to make the effort. The more I looked the more I found out about these lovely ladies and some of them worked full time still have time to do there skin routine every morning every night and vlog as well.

Just watching them and all the products they use I could never afford not on the money I get from making handmade  sock monkeys and selling a bit of Avon. I do use Avon products so at least I do something.But more I watched it sucks you in ! Interesting stuff even natural skin care that you can make yourself , massaging your face ,what you eat ,supplements,  and more. This world on you tube was bigger than I thought. I had started to become a fan of a lot of them and subscribed to there channels. I must admit it made me look at my self and try and get back what I once had. I wouldn’t have any cosmetic surgery or anything like that but lots do! perhaps I just want to keep it natural but look after my skin better.

So I am now totally hooked not just on the 50 +beauty’s but the younger end of the vlogging world. Fashion was one of my passions when I was younger as well as art and crafting always wanted the latest trend. Some of these vlog people make money from doing this showing fashion halls talking about what’s in what’s out. Avertizing the latest beauty brands makeup, jewellery, assesarys ,handbags. Designer to high street amazing.

I now follow a couple on Instagram so I will leave some of the ones I like older and younger below for you to look. I have come across a couple of men to who offer advice on skin care. I won’t list them all there’s to many.

I have decided a few things that I’m me and I won’t change. I am keeping my hair long, for now even though it’s very fine and I am letting it go grey ? Sometimes I like it sometime I don’t but we will see. Joined a group on Facebook well two ones silver foxes about ladies in the transition of going grey and the others fab women over 50. Both great groups.

I normally write about DIY or crafty things but I thought this was an interesting subject and to say that us crafty ladies or anyone who runs a business sometimes forget about them selves as they are so busy. You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter  pinterest. For what goes on In my life !  my Avon website if you would like to look.

Thankyou for reading Julie

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