Back to it then Sunnyteddy

Back to it then !

I have been unwell and it really crushed my motivation .But feeling better so back to the monkey business 🐵

So much I want to do these things  just get in the way ! Got some lovely orders from my monkey fans. Bit of a sale on my Folksy shop just enter code Mon20 get 20% off . So here we are all going on doesn’t take long to get back into action. Sorry this sale now ended !

I am hoping to sell my monkeys on here.So my blogs and monkeys are all together. I have made hundreds of monkeys now and I think they are the best I can make them. I try to perfect them always turn out a little different. I cut the felt eyes out by hand and the mouths embroidered on . Make it so difficult for my self sometimes with all the hand sewing but it makes my monkeys unique.

Sewing by hand

I bought a sewing machine over a year ago, I think can’t remember when it was ! A Janome before that My monkeys was all hand sewn . This week on Tuesday got back into my stride and the machine kept coming unthreaded and just wouldn’t play nice. I have neglected it for a few weeks so it’s my own fault. Went on my group on Facebook sewing in the uk and some lovely ladies was quick to give me advice on what to do phewwww . Think it needs a good clean been gathering dust, Normally it works quite well. Good job don’t think I can buy a new one at the moment having all this time off 😪 My monkey doodle was trying to help ?

Doodle trying to help

I have decided that my time is precious, must start getting organised even if it means a few hours sewing at a time . Time for cleaning ,cooking, and of corse looking after my grandson Joe. All got to fit into my day! Also have some decorating that needs attention.

I sometimes think My head will burst so many ideas ! I have to write everything down or I forget .. blonde moment haha . So best foot forward and all that !  I will make a go of this if it kills me . My hubby says we are going on holiday this year haven’t been away for a few years so something to look forward to .So best get making them monkeys thanks for reading your welcome to comment any feedback .I promise to Start telling you something interesting soon when I think of it 😊 Julie

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