A new venture not handmade business

Not handmade

whats going on ! Well I had an idea to become a reseller on eBay but maybe other platforms who knows !

I love second hand and thought why not To make a bit of money contributes but it’s something I like doing  looking for things at charity shops and carboots so thought it was a good idea.

so all my time has been trying to get started it’s harder than it sounds sorceing items to sell. I had a lot of things my self so started with them ! Soon found out after fees there wasn’t a great profit to be had if prices was low. But everyone knows you can find a bargain on eBay.

I am a big vintage fan and anything different takes my eye and as a monkey maker love toys and fits in with looking after my grandson I am sure he will tell me what he thinks.

found these puppets we had some fun with them or was that me love to find more things like these.

Puppets found at the charity shop

The strings was entangled and needed some love and attention 😍

I found a vintage blouse from 80s 90s  not sure .

Vintage st Michael m&s

I decided to wash this and the shoulder pads disintegrated but fixable so more to this than meets the eye.

Also love clothes and what’s in fashion I have developed a more casual style as I have got older but still like to follow what’s going on in the fashion world . Be interesting what I will find ?

not sure how things will work out still making my monkeys but it’s always fun to do something different.I have done something like this before many years ago ! Also did a blog on what I find at the Charity shops 

thankyou Julie

I will be selling on Ebay

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