Sock monkeys

All my monkeys are made from the same basic design just done in different sizes.

CE tested and suitable from birth.

Standard sock monkey

with felt eyes and nose embroidered mouth.

Standard sock monkey

Rainbow sockmonkey

Rainbow monkeys very popular

Rainbow tutu sock monkey

rainbow monkeys can be done in other colours.

Sock monkeys with tutus

Assortment of sizes and colours



Tutu sock monkeys
Baby Tutu

Daddy sock monkey

this is the biggest monkey I make.


Small sock monkeys

bigger than babies

Small girl sock monkey
Small boy sock monkey
Monkey mischief

Socki Anna

Sock monkey with dress and bow

Socki anna

Sally Ann

with button eyes and embroidered mouth

img_2944has a felt flower

Football and rugby monkeys new

Football and rugby any colour

Odd socks these can be made with odd socks or a make called United odd socks

Retro oddsock monkeys

I can match my monkeys to your deco

My collage or idea board for blue and white theme bedroom

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These are sock monkeys that I have made and hundreds  more but been taking a break from making them as I am now interested in vintage toys I will still leave the gallery of my monkeys and may add more.

thankyou for looking