About Me


I have been crafting as long as I can remember. Bringing up my children took up most of my time. I love to draw ,paint ,craft and do most of the DIY. I decided to start my crafty adventure about 8 years ago .Started my little bag charm business Sunnyteddys bag charms at the beginning selling mainly on eBay then my business page on Facebook Still have my page now Sunnyteddys designs .I started making sock monkeys just as a hobby a few years ago . They became very popular took over my world.

My sock monkeys

I love teddies that is how my name came about! but my monkeys Took  over until resantly My love for teddies and dolls have never gone away and love vintage. So a new venture of renovating dolls and teddies has started and I love them . Monkeys are still in my life in my doodles but won’t be making quite as many.


New friends

If you would like to follow me you can find my dolls ,teddies and handmade monkeys and other things on Etsy and eBay links at bottom of page or side. Also do insta stories on  Instagram  what I get up to and my grandson joe the other monkey in my life.please read my blogs in menu thanks for reading.



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