About Me


I have been crafting as long as I can remember. Working and bringing up my three girls took up most of my time .

I love to draw ,paint ,craft and do most of the DIY. I decided to start my crafty adventure about 8 years ago .

Started my little bag charm business Sunnyteddys bag charms at the beginning selling mainly on eBay then my business page on Facebook Still have my page now Sunnyteddys designs . Building my business also making a few items of jewellery and accessories .

I started making sock monkeys just as a hobby a few years ago . They became very popular and have now taken over my world . I collect teddies that is how my name came about! but my monkeys have now taken over . I have tried to keep one of each of designs I have done . The basic design is the same but just changed a few things along the way..

Kept my name as its stuck with me and my monkeys often get called teddies. Or I get called Sunnyted . Still make bag charms  but mainly sock monkeys now . All my crafty things are made in my little craft room at home..

My monkeys

From left top odd sock, in the centre Rockford , next ones rainbow monkey ,bottom left Bertie , and then last is rock . They sit in my bedroom on an old wicker chair everyone different and unique 😊

My sewing machine

my craft room is the smallest room in the house . Took me a while to redecorate and make my own . I was useing my dining room table when I first started . Now I am making monkeys need more space . Love my craft room.

My monkey corner

Please check out my blog page I write about all sorts of things  and take a look at my Sockmonkey Designs. In gallery Thanks for reading.

Julie Sunnyteddy designs

Me and the monkey 💜

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